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Employer Identification Number (EIN) 950548409
Assets and Revenue

Asset Amount: $1,794,549(1.8 million)
Income Amount: $2,150,067(2.2 million)
Form 990 Revenue Amount 1.9 million
Organization Information

NTEE Category
  • N66

    Organizations that provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn, become competitive in and enjoy the organized recreational activity, sport or game of their choice. These programs may be offered by local clubs devoted to a particular activity or sport; may provide individual or team coaching assistance or instruction, access to equipment and facilities, and uniforms, if necessary; and may sponsor or make arrangements for athletes to participate in amateur competitions, usually at the local or regional level, and provide officials for games. These events are generally for the enjoyment of the athletes and are not at a high enough competitive level to be considered spectator sports.

    Key words: Acrobatics; Aikido; Amateur Sports Clubs; Amateur Sports Leagues; Backpacking; Balance Beam; Ballooning; Bicycling; Billiards; Bocce; Bowling; Boxing; Bungee Jumping; Caving; Cheerleading; Climbing; Coaching; Cricket; Croquet; Cycling; Dirtboarding; Discus; Drill Team; Extreme Sports; Fencing; Field Hockey; Gymnastics; Handball; Hang Gliding; Heptathlon; High Jump; Hiking; Horseshoes; Hurdles; Hurling; In-Line Hockey; In-line Skating; InLine Skating; Javelin; Ju Jitsu; Judo; Karate; Kung Fu; Lacrosse; Lawn Bowling; LAX; Long Jump; Marathons; Martial Arts; Motorcycling; Mountain Biking; Mountain Climbing; Mountaineering; Mountainboarding; Officiating; Orienteering; Paint Ball; Parallel Bars; Ping Pong; Pole Vaulting; Pool; Race Walking; Referee; Rings; Rock Climbing; Roller Hockey; Roller Skating; Rollerblading; Rugby; Running; Shot Put; Shuffleboard; Skateboarding; Skydiving; Snooker; Soapbox Derbies; Spelunking; Street Hockey; Table Tennis; Tae Kwon Do; Track and Field; Trail Clubs; Trampoline; Tumbling; Ultimate Frisbee; Uneven Bars; Vault; Volleyball; Weightlifting; Wheelchair Sports; Wrestling

    Scope notes: USE this code for amateur sports clubs or leagues not specified below or which cover more than one sport.

    Includes: 501(c)(7)organizations

    See also: Amateur Sports Competitions; Professional Athletic Leagues; Recreational Clubs; Sports Training Facilities

    Organizations that provide opportunities for people to learn and become competitive in tennis, badminton, racquet ball, squash, table tennis and other racquet sports. Coaching, access to courts, equipment and officials for competitions are generally included.

    Key words: Amateur Tennis; Badminton; Racquet Sports; Racquetball; Squash; Tennis

    Scope notes: Includes: 501(c)(7)organizations

    See also: Amateur Sports Competitions; Professional Athletic Leagues; Recreational Clubs; Sports Training Facilities

NTEE Category Description Racquet Sports
EO Description Pleasure, Recreational, or Social Club
Foundation Description All organizations except 501(c)(3)
Ruling Date 194108
Income Description 1,000,000 to 4,999,999
Deductibility Code / Description Contributions are not deductible.
Advanced Ruling Expiration Date 0
Exempt Organization Status Code Unconditional Exemption
Tax Period 201104
Income Code 1,000,000 to 4,999,999
Asset Code 1,000,000 to 4,999,999
PF Filing Requirement Code No 990-PF return
Activity Code 280317000
Organization Description Corporation
Affiliation Code and Details
Affiliation Code 3
Affiliation Title Independent
Affiliation Code Description This code is used if the organization is an independent organization or an independent auxiliary (i.e., not affiliated with a National, Regional, or Geographic grouping of organizations).
EO Description subsection:7Classicfication code:1:Pleasure, Recreational, or Social Club
Deductibility Status Contributions are not deductible.
Foundation Code All organizations except 501(c)(3)
Type of Organization Corporation
Exempt Organization Status Code 1
Filing Requirement Code 990 (all other) or 990EZ return
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